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Tremendous Collection of Piano Tracks
author: (Xavier P.)
“My Heart’s Lament” by Steve August houses track after track of awe-inspiring instrumental piano compositions. Raw emotion and free-flowing melodies best characterize Steve’s approach to piano playing. The tracks highlight Steve's amazing skill on the piano and offer a creative blend of contemporary, classical and jazz styles. “Open Intervals” carries quite the angelic soundscape, starting off quiet and heart-felt, and rising to a divine climax. Not confined by rigid structure and repetition, Steve’s style facilitates the expression of intense emotion very well. This is best demonstrated in the free-spirited track entitled “Close to the Edge.” Moreover, “Quiet Echos of Chopin” breaks away from the other tracks, utilizing the mystical sounds of chimes and high-pitched strings. This collection demonstrates Steve’s ingenuity as a piano composer, and is more than worth a listen.