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Video Piano lesson:

Soon to come on this page will be several instructional VIDEO piano lessons on various aspects of playing including songs, special harmonic vehicles, and various approaches to playing. The following are scheduled to be up on this site soon.  Check back soon to see available Videos.

- How to Voice the 2-5-1 progression ( with Backing Track Bass and Drums)

- Using chords in the Left Hand to begin improvisation (with Backing Track bass and drums)

- Classical music to Jazz Soloing ( from Chopin to Jazz)

- DIATONIC chords , and their importance ( Cannon in D, What a wonderful World examples)

- Working with a METRONOME to improve your RYHTYM.  How to use the metronome AWAY from your

   instrument to become friends with it...prior to using the metronome at the piano

- PRIMARY Chord improvisation  (with backing track bass and drums)

- NEW AGE improvisation ...where and how to start

- More to be announced